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Sheldon the Shrew

I had purchased a felted Shrew character from an artist in Canada and always loved the piece. We were chatting on Instagram and she proposed that we should work on a collaboration together someday.

As a proof of concept - I animated some scenes with the actual character that I had to see if I could add some movement and built sets a story around him. I named him Sheldon the Shrew and we started at work to created a larger scale puppet with removable heads for filming. We added a possum and later a rabbit.  Over a few years, I shot hundreds of frames of Sheldon and built a dozen large-scale sets to film in. 

The project never materialized into a long film - but the smaller film experiments helped me push the bounds of what I could animate, the ability to tell a story or even elicit a reaction to something funny or emotional. 

An amazing sidenote is that I have never spoken to Dena Seiferling, the artist and creator of the puppets, we only communicated on DM's and email. It  was a great collaborative relationship and I consider her a good friend - even thought we have never spoken or met (yet)

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