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Ashes and Snow

Santa Monica

Project realized while working with Gensler


In 2005, we collaborated with Shigeru Ban on the second iteration of Gregory Colbert's, "Ashes and Snow". A 50,000 square-foot temporary museum built out of shipping containers - housing the artists' oversized photographs of animals and people in natural surroundings. We had a great rapport working with Shigeru - or Shiggy - on this project - receiving faxes with loose sketches and developing designs and details of how to built this project in a very short time frame. We worked with a former Circue du Soleil tent engineer to design the roof system and custom made the bookstore almost entirely out of cardboard and paper. When the museum opened - it was packed every day and students from all over Los Angeles were bussed to the Santa Monica Pier to see and experience the museum in person 

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