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José Rafael Moneo

Madrid, Spain

Project realized while working with José Rafael Moneo


After receiving my graduate degree in architecture at the GSD - I traveled to Spain to work with Rafael Moneo in his former residence in Madrid. It was a small building and there were less than a dozen of us on three floors of the house. We had no printer and twice a day the print shop guy would come by on a scooter and you gave him your order and what you needed printed or enlarged. We had two computers for CAD but most of use drew in pencil and then inked on vellum. 

It was an intimate group and a very special time to work with him - as he had just won the Pritzker Prize during my time there. We would work from morning until the afternoon - all go home for lunch and a siesta - and then return and work from the late afternoon into the evening. I worked primarily on the new Prado Museum, The Houston Museum of Fine Arts and the Grand Hyatt hotel in Berlin

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