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Günther Domenig

Graz, Austria

Project realized while working with Günther Domenig


In the Summer of 1993 – I sent a fax from my school in Florence to the office of Günther Domenig in Graz. I had seen a show of his gorgeous drawings in NYC the year prior and asked about working in his office. I was hired and worked on a variety of wonderful projects each summer and over the winter break. Domenig offered me design opportunities and introduced me to the many architects that came through Graz; Zaha Hadid, Massimiliano Fuksas, Gaetano Pesce, Lebbeus Woods. The best introduction was Brian Eno – who I drove around for a week while he was in Graz on an architectural jury. There is nothing better than designing projects and seeing them built in detail – it’s very different that way in Europe and an experience that greatly affected my future work and approach to design

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